Vivian “Kaiwe” Goo, P.T.

730 Gilman Street     Berkeley, CA  94710       510.504.5484

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This is the website for Vivian "Kaiwe" Goo, P.T., of Goo Physical Therapy in Berkeley, California.

Vivian "Kaiwe" Goo is a licensed P.T. (physical therapist) specializing in hands-on physical therapy for injuries such as shoulder sprain/strain, knee sprain/strain, back pain, scoliosis, neck pain, headaches, elbow sprain/strain, and chronic pain, emphasizing core strengthening, postural education, and movement reeducation.

Goo Physical Therapy is located at 730 Gilman St. in Berkeley, California, 94710. Telephone: 510-504-5484. Call for appointment.