Vivian “Kaiwe” Goo, P.T.

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I’ve worked as a physical therapist for over 25 years, in acute hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, sports clinics, outpatient offices, and currently in my own practice. Ten years ago I decided to specialize in manual physical therapy and movement rehabilitation.  Manual therapy means hands-on treatment, with specific training to mobilize joints and soft tissue, such as muscle, fascia, and nerves.  I also incorporate movement based practices of the Feldenkrais Method® and Pilates. I treat a wide range of conditions including: acute injuries, repetitive strain injuries, pre and postnatal conditions, chronic pain, pelvic imbalance, and sports injuries.

My background in dance, martial arts and horseback-riding have inspired me to help others heal, and regain the joy and pleasure of movement.  My goal is to tailor treatments specifically for each person, and to continue to adjust treatments as each person progresses, teaching individual movements to optimize recovery.  Also, it’s important to educate clients about what I’m doing, so clients learn to take care of themselves. Treatments vary between clients quite a bit, some people receiving mostly hands-on treatment, others receiving mostly guided movement work, and most people receiving a combination of manual therapy, movement work and instruction in a home program.